The Critics are Cheering for LOMBARDI!

“LOMBARDI Scores!”

NY-1 & NY Daily News

“A Fantastic Production!”

The Star-Ledger

“Dan Lauria is triumphant.”

New York Post

“Judith Light is stunning.”

The Associated Press

“LOMBARDI is as entertaining and moving an experience as you'll find on Broadway this season.”


“I know nothing about football, but LOMBARDI held my attention from start to finish. I thought of my brother, a regular guy from a small Missouri town. I'd take him without a moment's hesitation. An extremely well-crafted piece of intelligent theater.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Go! Have a good time!”


“The love between Lauria and Light is almost painfully palpable.”


“With its uniformly good cast, tight direction and frequent flashes of humor, LOMBARDI is solid playing in every sense of the word.”

Time Out New York

“You don't need to be a football fan to enjoy LOMBARDI.”

ABC News

“Dan Lauria is top-notch as the patron saint of the NFL.”

USA Today

“Judith Light cuts through a loud, cold men’s world with warm brilliance.”

The New Yorker

“LOMBARDI is theatrical catnip for husbands and boyfriends otherwise reluctant to see most Broadway shows: Football! Vince Lombardi! The legendary Packers!”

The Associated Press

“Keith Nobbs is terrific.”

New York Post

“If you're a football fan and if you're going to New York, it's a no-brainer addition to the visit.”


“Lauria and Light are Vince and Marie. They reveal one of the most honest relationships you'll see anywhere on Broadway.”


“I know what I like, and I liked this show!”

Sports Illustrated

“Bill Dawes, Robert Christopher Riley and Chris Sullivan are all outstanding.”

The Wall Street Journal

“LOMBARDI presents a great opportunity for female theatre goers to get their husbands to see a Broadway play. But it's more than that!”

“Lauria plays Lombardi with such love that his bursts of fierce anger are somehow magnetically charismatic.”


“Marie is played to whiskey-voiced perfection by Judith Light.”

The Washington Post

“It's a rare Broadway drama that's also a crowd-pleaser!”

AOL Fanhouse

“I loved LOMBARDI!”

Fox Five